These three aspects of our church’s ministry very accurately describe the essence of Grace Church.
  • We are all about worshiping our Savior and our God and growing in our knowledge of Him.
  • We are all about being a family of believers and strengthening those bonds with one another.
  •  We are all about reaching the world around us with the gospel and through service.
The Bible offers a very similar process which was the mission of the early church: The book of Acts tells us that the first Christians gathered for worship/teaching (Developing Faith), community (Strengthening Family) and serving/reaching out (Reaching Further).  It is our desire to do the same.
Core Values of Grace Church Kutztown
Biblical Foundation
as demonstrated by our preaching and teaching
We insist that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that only in these divinely inspired writings we find the Christian message of salvation. We aspire to communicate this message through creative, relevant, and practicable preaching and teaching.

Disciple Making
as demonstrated through our small groups from children to adult
We affirm that careful and thoughtful instruction of the Bible is the catalyst for spiritual transformation. We seek the best resources available to instill Christian values and provide discipleship for all ages. 

as demonstrated in our worship service, small groups, and requests for individuals to pray
We know God answers prayer and that we need wisdom and direction from Him. God is our source and we commune with Him personally and corporately.

as demonstrated in evangelism events, acts of service and financial and prayer support of active ministers of the Good News
We know people are lost who are without Jesus Christ, so we make and take opportunities to share the Gospel in whatever ways possible. We will support and cooperate with other evangelical ministries to bring the gospel to our community and around of the world.

as demonstrated in  a variety of opportunities to connect and our warm and welcoming atmosphere
We appreciate the value of time together in Christian community and seek to provide the setting and opportunities for the body of believers to rest, play and share with one another.

Shared Spiritual Leadership
as demonstrated in the involvement of pastors and laity in the spiritual administration of the congregation
We seek qualified servant-leaders to prayerfully provide oversight, direction and vision for Grace Church. We seek to accomplish the work of God in a manner pleasing to God. 

as demonstrated in a variety of evangelism and discipleship opportunities for every member of the family
We affirm and teach God’s design for the family, beginning with a firm foundation for marriage. Because God’s plan for evangelism and discipleship begins at home, we will prepare and instruct couples for godly marriages and promote biblical principles for every home.