At Grace Church, we believe that every kid is made in the image of God to love God with all their heart, soul, and strength and trust Jesus. We know that, if these things are instilled into the next generation, it will ensure that they have a better future.

We believe that it is our job to help parents and leaders to become more present in the life of kids during critical life stages. Because, if we think about it, a lot can happen in a kid's life over the course of even one year...

​Someone will...
  •  Take a first step
  •  Flush a valuable item
  •  Color the walls
  •  Begin kindergarten
  •  Lose the training wheels
  •  Outgrow the kid's menu
  •  Start wearing deoderant
  •  Get a driver's license
  •  Graduate high school

These moments only happen once. That's why we want to help our kids at every stage.

When our preschoolers are thinking like an artist and wondering things like "Am I safe?," "Am I able?," and "Am I okay?" we want to embrace their physical needs helping them to know God's love and to meet God's family.

When our elementary kids are thinking like little scientists and wondering things like "Do I have your attention?," "Do I have what it takes?," and "Do I have friends?," we want to engage their interests to help them to trust God's character and experience God's family.

When our middle schoolers are thinking like engineers and wondering things like "Who do I like" and "Who am I?," we want to affirm their personal journeys and help them to own their faith and value a faith community.

And, when our high schoolers are thinking like philosophers and wondering things like "Where do I belong?," "Why Should I Believe?," "How can I matter?," and "What will I do?," we want to mobilize their potential and set them up to keep pursuing an authentic faith and discover their personal mission.

So how does that happen?
There are no guarantees that these things will happen, but we do believe that there are certain things that we can do to stack the odds in our favor.

For one, we know that (on average), your kid is probably only going to spend about 40 hours a week in their respective age-appropriate program in the church. On the other hand, we know that (on average) your kid is going to spend 3,000 waking hours at home. Now, here's a little complex math. We know that 3,000 > 40. 

So, if the primary place where our kids are going to be influenced is at home, we feel that the best thing to do is combine the influences of the church and the family into nurturing an everyday faith. We represent the light of the message of the church with the color yellow. We represent the warmth of the love that comes from the home with the color red. If you combine red and yellow, you make ORANGE.

At Grace, we're very serious about being Orange. We're going to do everything we can at every level of your child's development to SET YOU UP to win in the home. 

That's why you'll see...

- Weekly Parent Cue cards that go home with your preschooler and elementary kids
- Weekly emails to help you know what our youth are learning
- Committed regular small group leaders for every age group, individuals who can get to know your family and your child
- Weekly communication and encouragement through age-specific emails and social media
- Monthly Parent Cue Live podcasts that get you thinking about parenting ideas
- Access to App that you can use on your smartphone to continue the conversation about what your kids are learning throughout the week
- Streamlined programs (not too many throughout the week), so we're not competing with family time
- Seasonal Family Experiences (FX's) that enable the family to sit in on some dynamic lessons together in order to have a family conversation about something that matters
- A VBS for Kids that sets up parents to continue the faith conversations at home

​It's all about home.

It's all about nurturing faith.
It's all about nurturing an everyday faith in the home.

We look forward to partnering with your family soon!