Grow - Preschool

Have you noticed any heart-shaped candy boxes or giant teddy bears in stores recently? It’s that time of year when we do extra special things to show people how much we love them. One sweet way to do that has always been with candy hearts. Candy hearts are such a fun way to show someone you love them, which goes perfectly with what we are teaching preschoolers this month. After all, everything Jesus did while He was on earth was to show us how much He loves us. And if there’s one thing we really want preschoolers to know, it’s that Jesus loves them!

Grow - Elementary

We often think about respect in terms of vertical relationships with have with others—respect for parents, teachers, and people in authority. Those are important, but equally important are the more horizontal relationships we have with people, like siblings, friends, and even people we may not get along with. This idea of valuing others and having mutual respect is seen all throughout Scripture and is a necessary way to communicate with others and demonstrate God’s love with them. We see throughout Scripture that all people have value because they were created in God’s image. God values us and wants a forever relationship with us. God sent Jesus to make that possible. We follow God’s example when we show others that they have value too.